How can you get ride of from your PC hangs?

How can you get ride of from your PC hangs?

Sometimes we  doing very important work suddenly we see that our pc get hang. Many people asked me that what do you mean by hang. Is there any way to get ride from this problem. Yeas there is way.

First of you have to know what is PC hang? why its happen:

The mouse freezes and the screen seems to have come to halt and also keyboard does not respond as well.This is generally a  PC  hang. 
Main reasons behind the PC hangs are: 
1. Over heating Mother board/ processor, If the cooling fan is faulty .
2. Faulty HDD . Hard disc problems also hangs the computers in case the important Operating System files needed to keep the computer , running,  become in-accessible. 
1. Clean up your CPU. 
2. Check your cooling fan.
3. Check HDD bad sectors.
4. Do  de-fragmentation of your hard disc partition(this may take long time), it will help the computer to access files easily and computer runs better(also fast in some cases).
These three steps will fix your computer hangs considerably. 

Internally Solution: Flow the steps :
1: Go to start menu then run write regedit end enter  (Start > Run (Winkey + R) > regedit> Enter)

2. Now Go HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Control Panel > Desktop

3. Now go to AutoEndTask on the wright side and dabble click on it .

4. Change Value data make it 1 then OK.

Now Enjoy 

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