How can you stop Autorun.inf virus in your pen drive?

How can you stop Autorun.inf virus in your pen drive?:
Autorun.inf is one kinds of disgusting virus. At present many PC contain this virus. If this virus enters on pen drive then it change ones pendrive icon like a folder. When it change one cannot enter inside the pendrive by using bubble click. Many people asked me that how can i remove this virus. There is a very easy and funny solution to get ride of from this virus

Now flow the spats:

1. At 1st give your pendrive formate.
2. Make a new folder name Autorun.inf

Now it is complete no auto run virus are not able to enter  in your pendrive.

If you know that your pendrive is affected by an Autorun virus then how can you remove it?

Flow the stapes :

1. Go to start mane then Run then Browse

  2. Now select All File

3. Now Select The Auto run.inf File and Delete the file and remove your pen drive and again Connect it. 

Now enjoy >>>>>>>>>>>>>