How to use pen drive as a RAM

 How to use pen drive as a RAM?
It is very common problem that, when we start to play game or start to see a high regulation movie suddenly pc create problem. If our PC don't have sufficient Ram speed then Its happen. At that time how can we increase my ram speed. It is very easy we can increase our pc's speed using USB pendrive or memory card.

Ii is very easy to make our pendrive As RAM........

 Just flow the stapes bellow 

1. 1st need a pendrive or memory card more then 256MB.

2. To make My Pendrive as RAM we need a softwer ebooster. Click here for download this soft

3. Now connect your pendrive.

4. Now install the soft.

5. After installing the soft run it.

6. In the program window, go to Edit > Add new cache device

Now click on selects option 
7. You’ll see your USB disk at the left screen. 
8. Click on Autoconfiguration button.

 9. Now press next..>

10.Now wait for a while 

11.   Now press Next

Click Next
12.  NOw Select both Ram and Pendrive Drive

13. Now Next And Finish.
 14. Now enjoy the speed >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


1. Pendrive must be above 256MB
2. It will be support on all windows


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