Top Funny Google Tricks ( update)

Google is our best friend. The person who use net he must know what is called google. Google is one of the best search engine. Some time many people think that google only search file? We can not do fun with Google. 

Now I will show you some funny tips for Google:

1. Google gravity : Funny thing is that we hared about Nutons gravity law. Have you ever test it on Google. Ok fine just try how its work on Google  .

       1. At first go to
       2. Now write on search box Google gravity
       3. Now click on I'm Feeling Lucky
       4. Now see what happen.

 2. Epic Google: Have you ever seen increasing Google front and image automatically. I will show how you can do this. Just flow the instruction.

          1. Go to
          2. Now write on search box Epic Google
          3. Now click on I'm Feeling Lucky

        4. Now see what happen 

3.  Change Background Image:-You can also change the background image of google image.To change the background image follow the instructions

                  1. At first go to

                  2. Now click Sign in to see your background image

                    3. Now Sign in and choose your picture.

4. :
        1. Go to Google and Type Google Loco
        2.  Now click on I'm Feeling Lucky
        3. See what happen 

5. French military Victories
    1. Go to Google and Type French military Victories
       2.  Now click on I'm Feeling Lucky
        3. See what happen 

6. Type in your address bat "" Or click on the link 
 This is Google function which search will list only .gov ( governmental) ending sites.

7. If you missed any Google logo just see all logo  from here 


8. Now Go to this link for Google language tool 


Now translate  " The Girls Mom is very nice" English to Spanish and Spanish to English
What do u see?

9. Go to Google and type Elgoog
And visit 1st searched link 

10. Chuck Norris
    1. Go to Google and Type Chuck Norris
       2.  Now click on I'm Feeling Lucky
        3. See what happen 
Its really Funny 



  1. Lol Nice stuff..Shahed, Keep it coming:)

  2. Thank you for your nice comment.. It will inspiring me to write nice and useful tips.... @ Tina

  3. I understand this site that I take in be amazingly useful as well as I believe it awfully necessary all population tricks like google gravity


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