How To Back Up Bookmarks In Firefox

How To Back Up Bookmarks In Firefox:

When we use net we visit many web site. From those website some websites are looks very important. For there importance we add them on Firefox book mark lest. When we need that site we do not tip the web site we just click on book mark and visit the site. Some time our browser creates many problem, as a result we have to uninstall our browser. And we lost all our bookmarks. At that we think if I make a back up >>>>>>>

Now I will show how to Back up bookmark in Firefox>>>>>> :) 

 1) Launch Mozilla Firefox  

2) Now go to Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks 


3)The Library will appear now click on Backup under Import and Backup. ( Import and Backup > Backup)

 4) Now select the save location. The file will contain all your bookmarks and will be an . JSON file.

 5) When you need to Restore click on Restore > Choose File

 Now Save And Safe



  1. It is very helpfull i am very happy >>>>>>> Now I am safe.


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