How to Change The Icon of Your USB Pendrive or Removable Disc

Many people asked me that, how can they change the icon of their USB or any other removable drive/device. It means that when you enter your USB or any other removable drive/device it will shows show your desired icon or a thumbnail beside the device. It is very easy and simple many people does not know the way how to change. Today i will teach you how to change the icon with out using any software. Simply using Notepad

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How to change icon of your removable disk :

1. At 1st see the default icon of my pendrive

default icon

default icon

Now from menu bar go to 

Folder Options ( tools>folder option). 

3.Now Find out the option “Hide extension for known file types“. If it is checked, then uncheck it.

4. Now click Apply and Ok.

5. Now go to your USB device and make a new text file here. To make it right click on your mouse. From right click menu, go to New > New Text document.

6. Now you have to rename your text document from “New text document.txt” to“autorun.inf”.

7. Now right click on autorun.inf file and select edit. Then it will open with notepad. Type the code And SAVE

9. Now take a icon file (.ico). And rename this file into autorun.ico. Now put this icon file in that pendrive 

10.  Now plug out your pendrive and again enter your drive you can see your own icon 



1. You have to use icon file. Not image. 
2. You can use any icon you want. 
3. If you have any image, then convert that image into ico file with icon creator software.
 4. You are commended to use 256*256 ratio icon.
 5. Your icon name and icon name in autorun.inf shoul be same. For example, if your icon name is Shahed.ico then the code should be like this 

If you need ready icon just visit this site  

See the tutorial