How You Can Decrypt Passwords Stored in Firefox

We generally save our username and passwords of the websites that we use all time and we do not want to wast our time by typing  username and passwords. If we give permission then Firefox store the  username and passwords for websites. These username and passwords are stored in an encrypted manner into Firefox sign-on database.

And I want to inform you that this types of strong system is very harmful for your website. If you store then any body can easily hacked your id by using Java script. So try to avoid to do this.

Sometimes we forget our password but that password is saved by Firefox now i will show you how we can learn what is our password by using FirePasswordViewer

Now  enjoy the trick >>>>>>>>>>

1. Download the soft   Download
Download and get portable version and non portable version.

2. now run the soft 
3Now click on Start Recovery button.It will list all the stored website with username and password.

Start Recovery

4. The passwords are hidden.To unhide them Click on the Show Password button

5.  If you want to save your password least just save as HTML 

Now use this soft and keep you safe from hacked. Oh! one thing if any one use this soft and try to hack you you can stop this. Just use master password. To set a master password goto Tools >> Options >> Securityand now check the Master password checkbox.Enter your password and now your information is secure.
If you need see this Tutorial: 

Note:The aim of this tutorial is to help you recover your passwords stored in your firefox browser  and to protect you from getting hacked.
Please don't use it in a wrong way