Now Hide HHD Very Easily in Your PC to Keep Safe :)

Sometime Unknown may wants to use your PC for argent case. But you think that the parson who is using your PC is not a good person. He can create a  great problem. For example he can stole our personal document. Now I am going to show you a very easy way how can you solve it very easily ........ You can hide your Hard disk ( HDD)

Now see How we will do the work >>>>>

1. At 1st go to run ( Start Menu > Run) Then type gpedit.msc 

2. Now a window will appear which name  Group Policy

3. Now go User configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Give Windows Explorer Commend

4. You will see many options on the right side.

5. For hide you drive you have to dabble on this  “Hide these specified drives in My Computer”

6. A new window will appearer. There select Enable  

7. On that window you will get a drop down menu. Click and select which drive you want to hide one or all 
and press Apply > ok

8.  Now visit your my computer you will not able to see your drives.

9. By this way you can stop using your drives just use this one " Prevent access to drives from My Computer"

10. If you want to go back previous sating just see point 6 there select Not Configured

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