Use 4 Desktops at a Time in Your XP Like Ubuntu (linux)

To day I was surprised when I learned that I can use 4 Desktops at a time like Ubuntu ( Linux) in my XP. Before that I know that only Ubuntu ( Linux) user can use 4 Desktops at a time. I fell very happy when I learned that Microsoft released a small Add in. Using this add in we can use 4 desktop at a time. We can run different program on different desktop......

Now see the tutorial ::::::::::::>>>>>>>

1. 1st visit this site

2. Now Download Virtual Desktop Manager

3. After Download Just install that ADD IN

4. After Install right click on your Toolbar and go right click > toolbar> Desktop manager  

5. After clicking that you can see ( 1,2,3,4) Virtual Desktop on the  right side of the toolbar 

6. Now see and enjoy 4 Desktop at a time 

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