How to solve expired certificate in your Nokia 3rd & 5th version.

This tips is very useful for those who use Nokia 3rd ও 5th version       Mobile phone. Sometime when we are going to give install any software we face some problems. From that “certificate error! contact with  validate supplier is the main problem. It means the software which is you are going to install its date is expired       . To install the sign in  and increase its date. How can we increase the date see

There are two way you can increase the date:

  1. Using Mobile
  2. Using Pc.
Using pc is more easer  than Mobile .... NOw I will show you how to do it on PC 

  1. For doing that we in a Software name " sign4ever”  Click On the picture

2. After Downloading  Extract the folder and move it in a new folder.

3. Now move that expired soft in the folder where you kept "sign4ever" 

4.  Now run Sign4ever.

When the blue screen comes then press "any key "

 5. After that you will some new file and new icon inside.

6.  Now wit In a few minute you will see two file.

One is .bak and another is signed.sis

7.  Don't think about the .bak file it is just helping file .

8. Now rename the signed.sis in your original softs name. 

9. Now copy and keep in your mobile phone and install it. it will not create any problem within next 20 years.

This tricks i learned from juegosymbian and rewrite for my best friend Hemale  

Now Every one enjoy this post :) 


  1. but it is not working... now the certificate prblm is solved. but the new prblm is come. supplier error.. wat can i do...

  2. Sir the soft link(which one creates problem) I will try to solve the problem and provide you the solutions.



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