Now Get Notification if someone Unfriend you on facebook>>

Few days ago some friend asked me that how can we learned that, who make me unfriend on Facebook. That thing make me so tensed. How can I give that answer. Then I learned about Unfriend Finder. It is an UserScript. It is developed by Edouard Gatouillat. It is a greasemonkey UserScript. 

UnFriend Finder: 

It is a greasemonkey UserScrip which is developed by Edouard Gatouilla. It is Initially released on October 17, 2009; 17 months ago 
Using this userscrip we can easily learn who are making me  unfriend
from there friend lest it will shown through pop up menu. Its official website is

How We Will Add It with Our Browser:

See the way bellow step by step 

1. 1st of all install grease monkey. For ins tall Click Here  

After installing Restart your Firefox

2. Now install   UnFriend Finder By clicking here 

Now click install 

3. Now log in your face book account. and see bellow things

4.  Now see the picture how it will notify you.

5. Now see its seatings

Now Enjoy The Tips



  1. There is an app you can install directly in Facebook. I'm using this and it works good!

    here the link:


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