Now Save Your Documents Into PDF Using Microsoft Office 2010 or 2007..

The person those who are using PC every day, they can not go with Out MS Office. They do many work using MS Office. The new MS Office give a new opportunity. Now we do not need any soft to convert any MS word document in to PDF. At present PDF is highly used format. To day I will show how can we that>>>>>>>>>

   1. 1st of all we need a Add-in For MS Office. Here Add in is just like Plug in.. For that Add in we have to visit a website and download the Add in >>  NOW CLICK HERE

2. Now install that .Exe File 

3. After installing open a Office file.

4. Now click on office button and save as then PDF or XPS

5.  After save commend you will see this window. 

6. After finishing that you will get the pdf file....

Note: It will just on work MS Office 2010 & 2007

Now Enjoy


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