How to Open USB Driver's File When it is Shown as Hidden or Shortcut ( Tutorial

Sometimes we fall many problem with our pen drive or any other removal drivers such as we can not open our pen drive or some time it shows corrupted. Few days ago a new problem arrived in front me when I was working at my university  lab. When I opened my pen drive I saw all my Folders became shortcut. I was very much tensed and I went to one of my friends Sharif and learned how to solve that problem.... now see how can we solve..

Virus!!!! Virus!!!! Virus !!!! This word is one of the most Buzzing word in our day to day live. It creates many problem in our computer as well as our mind( How can I solve that problem) Now I am going to solve folder hiding problem.........

For Which Reason its Happens:
This folder hiding problem happens for different types of virus. Its mainly happens for Win32 virus those who are Mail ware.

What Types of Problems it Mainly Create: 
I mainly hide our removal drivers files and folders and it also create shortcut of them. The file those who are hide we can not find them normally. They hide as system file. We can not normally un hide them...... Now lets solve that problem..  ( you may like Lorias Trozan Remover 1.2.8 free download ) 

How to Open USB Driver's File When it is Shown as Hidden or Shortcut ( Tutorial) :

1. At first scan your pendrive with update antivirus for other virus ( Download avast with update )

2. After that open your pendrive and Delete All Shortcuts 

Delete All Shortcuts  

3. To view your Hidden file go to Tools>Folder Options>View and mark and un mark bellow things which is shown in the picture  

Tools>Folder Options

mark and un mark

4. Now you will see all your Files and Folder which is Hidden in the system.

Hidden Files 

Hidden in the system 

5. To Un hide this files you have to use dose commend.. For that reason go to run then write cmd and press Enter  ( By pressing Win+R you can open run)

6. When cmd Open then write attrib -h -r -s /s /d n:\*.*
Here "n" is your drive location It may be i,j,k,l.... etc

attrib -h -r -s /s /d n:\*.*

 7. Now press Enter ..... You will see all Hidden will Un hide 

Now don't worry enjoy