Some Impotent Things We Have to Keep In our Mind For Promoting Our Website,Blog, Blog spot Blog.(SEO)

Many people Make Blog or website for Earning Money. To earn money from website, website promoting is highly needed. For Promotion of website we have to flow some things. Main thing is SEO And others.....

SEO : SEO means Search Engine Optimization. What it actually do. It make ones website or blog so popular. When it become so popular people randomly visit the site and If the person who made that site use Different types of Affiliate program( Like Google Ad-sense)  then they can Easily earn much money.

To do SEO we have to flow some things...  

1. Use meta keyword and Description tag in your site header <Head>............</Head>
2. Submit your site in search engines As Google, Yahoo, Bing and many More...

3. Create Paid back link.

4.You can create your site's back link by forum posting blog commenting  

5. Design with attractive and user friendly interface

6. Develop your site with rich and popular content

7. To choose your site keyword you can check rich and popular key words from 

8.Share your sites links in social sharing and bookmarking sites frequently

9.Create a Facebook page for your site.

10.If your site is created for product selling you can give referral for referring every customer. 

There are many things to tell  ....... At

 first flow this ......


  1. I think you have a good guide here for SEO and SEO Services. You covered the biggest points for anyone starting out in internet marketing and SEO, and I think anyone following your 10 steps here would be very successful! THanks!

  2. Thanks for your information shairing with us.

  3. These are really good things which we should keep it our mind...


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