How to Enable Right - Click On Websites.

Some time we visit many site and saw that  the sites are fully right click protected. We can now copy any contains from that website or blog. Today I will show how to make a website righted click protected and how to Enable Right click ....Ok lats go >>>> 

Why people make there website Right click protect ?

The main reason is that, many people copy contains from there website and blog. To protect this steeling people use this mathod.

How we make our website Right Click protect :

I an giving you a JAVA Scripts >>>
Just copy and past this code in your page source an  save it.

 oncontextmenu="return false;"
For example, say you have code for an image like below…
<img src=”something” />
Change it to…
<img src=”something” oncontextmenu="return false;"/>

Now How can we Enable Right click :

Just coy the bellow code and past it in your address bar and press enter and see what happen ??

The site which is Disable right click it will  must be enable>

javascript: var items = document.evaluate('//*[@oncontextmenu=\"return false;\"]', document, null, 7 , null); for ( i = 0; i < items.snapshotLength; i++){items.snapshotItem(i).removeAttribute('oncontextmenu');};void(0);

Just try on this link :

Thia link image is write protected just try on it>>>>> :)

Now enjoy