How to Increase Your Wi-Fi Signal

Today when I am searching how to improve my  my wifi signal. I got a new idea. how to improve my wifi.  It is one kinds of wifi hack by which we can increase our wifi range. I got it from one of the blogger named Mark Erickson. Ok Lats see how to do it.

Which things you have to need :

  1. A 3g Mobile phone.
  2. Internet cable
  3. PC which has wifi
  4. Silver paper
  5. A silver bole 
 What we have to do:

  1. First of all we have to tide the phone with the internet cable
  2. Now connect the other side of the internet cable and search for wifi
  3. We will easily get our distance wifi router.
  4. If we need more we have to do another thing we have to rape the salver bole with the paper.
  5. Then we have to fixed the phone inside the bole den search .

We will get better wifi.

If you are not clear just see the video which is made by  Mark Erickson.



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