How to Access Blocked Websites

After a long time I am sharing something interesting to you. The interesting thing is how to Access Blocked Websites. Sometimes when we are using our schools/colleges  lab computers we get some websites are blocked by the Authority (Such as Facebook, Tweeter, My Space, YouYube etc). At this time I will show the procedure  to use that blocked

To do this job we will use simply Portable Opera and keep it in our flash drive and use it.....

...... Lats have a look    

1. Download Opera from the Opera site CLICK HERE 

Click on EXE Version 
2. Now keep it in your pen-drive.

3. Insert your drive where u want to use the blocked websites and run the EXE file. 

Portable Opera is running 

Now enjoy the magic .....


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  2. For anonymous access or to Access Twitter From School i use "Hotspot Shield" free VPN ( This help in bypassing all firewall restrictions to access all blocked content.

  3. "Hotspot Shield" is gr8 you can use I also like it.

  4. Most of the time people get disappointed to seen the concept of obstructed websites and they did not know how to start it . But your thoughts are excellent and i also like it i have another smart concept to start just single just click . access Facebook everywhere

  5. I am constant user of as it worked the best for me to access blocked websites securely and anonymously.

  6. wasel pro the best VPN service, you can you can with it unblock any site in the world, he was working on all android phones , iPhone and iPad ,compatible with windows and Mac systems

  7. Some time we have to block some site to avoid unusual uses. You have given a very good way to do that. thanks for your suggestion. Looking forward to use that.


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