How to hide or Remove post date, time and author name in Blogger posts

We recently Googled this and we haven’t found out any acceptable answers or easy solutions on this topic. Most of the sites were mentioning about changing codes in your Blogger template file in order to remove post date, time and author name in Blogger posts. This is unnecessary and we don’t know why people are mentioning the hard way when there is an easy solution that comes with Blogger itself. Here we will see how to hide or remove post date, time and author name in Blogger blog posts.

Is removing dates from blog posts a Good idea?

By default Blogger displays date header at each blog posts. Based on your settings it will show the posted date, day, month and year at the top of each blog posts. You can modify the date format and also you can remove it, but removing dates from blog posts is good? The one worded answer is no.

First of all showing posted dates in each blog posts will improve your user experience. Imagine a newspaper that has no dates in it, anyhow your blog is not a news portal, but by showing dates users will know whether the resource is outdated or not. That’s why to engage with your readers you should keep on updating your older blog posts. When updating your older blog posts you should update the date and time too and you can change that in your post settings.

There are few who think that showing outdated dates in Google search results will result in low traffic flow and so they hide and remove dates from their blog posts. Remember that Google fetches dates from sitemap that you have submitted in your Google webmaster tools. After considering all this, if you still wish to hide or remove dates from your blogs posts then here you go.

Hiding or Removing post date, time and author name in Blogger posts

How to hide post date in Blogger posts

To hide or remove post date in Blogger blog posts you don’t have to edit your template files. Just login to your Blogger dashboard and head to Layout and on blog posts click edit and then uncheck the date in popup window. Also you can see various date formats to choose from and at the bottom you can arrange items. Once done click save and view your blog where you have removed post date from blog header.

How to hide or remove time in Blogger posts

It is important that you show dates in you blog posts, but not time. People don’t actually benefit from time that you display in your blog posts and so remove it. To remove time in Blogger post you need to uncheck the box where you see the time in blog post layout settings.

How to hide or remove author name in below Blogger posts
All these you can change it in your blog posts layout settings. In blog posts layout settings you can see “posted by” box uncheck it to remove author name below all blog post. You can also hide author profile below each post by un-checking the box that says “show author profile below post”.

Other options that you can configure:
You can set the number of posts to be displayed in main page, show share buttons below posts, show labels below posts (learn more about Blogger labels to sort your content) and moreover you can arrange all those items.

Hope this post helped you on how to hide post date, time and author name in Blogger blog posts. Share this post and feel free to leave your suggestions below.


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