How can you change your facebook theme ?

How can you change your facebook theme ?

Today one of my friend ask me that hoe can I change my Face book theme. But changing Facebook theme is very easy if you use greasemonkey. Using this plug in you can also do many thing .
If u have greasemonkey but you have no user script then  you can t do any thing with greasemonkey.

Now flow the tutorial to do this thing ........

1. At 1st run your Firefox. Then you have to download greesy monkey . Go this site  

2. When you click this window will come.

3. When it complete it shows this window to restart your Firefox 

4. After restarting you will see the greesy monkey icon on the right side of the Firefox

5.  Go to this site and install the script

6. Now login your face book >>>>>>>>> see what happen >>>>>>>>>>>> you can make your page like this

7. Now enjoy>>>>>>>>>>>>

1. This only work on Firefox 
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