How can you join mediafire Video ?

How can you join mediafire Video ?
It is a common question how can I join 2 or more then 2 video file. It is very easy to make one file. For that you just need a soft. By using this soft you can only join mediafire Video.

Just Flow the tutorial given bellow :

1. See The video file before joining :

Before Joining 
2. For joining you need a soft Name HjSplit 3.0 

3. After downloading this soft install it. 

4. After installing this soft run it.

When you run this window will come

 5. Now press join .

6. Now press input file and browse your video file:

7. After pressing open you will see the output of the file 

8. Now Press Start. It will start joining.

9. When it will finish you will see that a window will come saying that joining complete.

10. Now go to your video file and rename its formate name into .mkv   

11. Now Enjoy .........

Video tutorial 

12 . If you like please give  comment 


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