How to change folder Background

How to change folder Background:
"How to change my USB or any other Folder Background" is a common question among peoples. This means that when you open your pen drive or your favorite Folder  in any computer, that computer will show different Background of your pen drive/ Folder. But the way of changing the Background of any device or Folder is very easy. So I wrote a  easiest way to change background. Just need a soft to do this and a picture which one will be going to shown.....

How to change Background of your Pen drive or any Folder  :

1. Before giving custom Background, your Folder background will be default according to your windows theme. My one was as below :

Default Folder Background
2. For Change Background Download BACKGROUND CUSTOMIZER xp 

After Download

2. Now copy and past this soft in your folder which one you want to change back ground.

After moving the soft in the folder
3. Now Dabble click on the software:
After Dabble clicking 
4. Now press next baton and check mark on modify background picture
After pressing Next
5. After pressing next this window will appear.

After pressing next
6. Now select Browse :

Select  Browse
7. After pressing Browse a window will appear now select your picture. then press open :
After pressing browse 
8. Now Press next and Finish

Now press finish
9.Now Right Click on this Soft and make it hide and read only then press ok:
Hide it

10. Now refresh this folder:

previous one
Your Own Background

1. You have to use JPG file. Dont use other.
2. You can use any Picture you want.
3. It will active on XP
Now Enjoy