How can you apply Wallpaper Clock in your Ubuntu

We generally use still wallpaper for our desktop. Sometimes we can use animated picture as wallpaper. In Ubuntu we can take the facility to see time and date in the wallpaper as wallpaper by using Screenlets program. Afar a specific time the time and date change automatically.

How can we use it is described bellow..... 

A first we have to install Screenlets program for that we have to open terminal ( Applications >> Accessories >> Terminal ) Now type the commend and wet for a while for download  the program

[source]sudo apt-get install screenlets[/source]      

Now download wallpaper from this website If you want to learn more  about wallpaper clock visit this site  Downloaded file must be .wcz File To install this wallpaper run Screenlets manager Application >> Accessories >> Screenlets But if you are using Ubuntu 8.04 go this way System >> Preferences >> Screenlets  When it will run then select Wallpaper Clock Screenlet But if you use 8.04 you will not get this screenlet installed. For that reason you have to download this from this website Download Wallpaper Screenlet 

Now from Screenlets manager select wallpaper screenlet and Launch. After  that  you will see an icon bellow the desktop.

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