Now Change Your Ubuntu in to Mac OS( Theme)

There are many awesome theme for Ubuntu. Few days ago one of my friend using Mac OS on his Sony VAIO Laptop. I was surprised how could it possible that MAC can run in Sony Vaio. After a few moment when I used  that windows I learned that it is a theme. Few days ago I learned  how to use windows soft on Ubuntu and how can  I use clock on my Ubuntu wallpaper. Now I want to share how can we use theme on Ubuntu or any Linux .
1st of all you need theme package for that you have to go some website from where you can easily download all types of awesome theme.
Links are....


Now How You Install The Theme:

1. For install at first open terminal by ctrl+alt+T  
2. Then drag the installation .Sh file in to the terminal.
3. After that press Enter
4. Now flow the instruction.

Now How You Uninstall The Theme:

For uninstall just drag and drop  into the terminal and press Enter.

Like this now enjoy 


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