Now See The New Look of Facebook!!!!! ( Like Newspaper/ PostPost)

Have you ever think that you can see your all Facebook Updates( Wall posts, Video, Photos, etc) in a news paper. I was surprised when I saw the new look of Facebook. It is simply an application which can change your Facebook account in to a newspaper. The name of that application is  PostPost

Few days ago when I am searching net I got one new thing. The thing is that we can make our Facebook like a newspaper. Few days ago I told how to  Remove All Facebook Apps From Your Account..! Now I am going to tell you how an we make our FB just like a newspaper using Facebook application name PostPost. Ok lats see ...... 

 New Look of Facebook:

I will this tutorial using my Facebook Account....( you may like Now Get Notification if someone Unfriend you on facebook>> )

1. At first Log in your own Facebook account. For that reason I am login my own face book account.

2. Now go to this site when you will visit that site you will see bellow page.

3. Now click Connect with Facebook

4. When you click that baton you will see a new window where you will asked to add that PostPost Facebook Application. For Adding Press Allow  

5. When you Add the application The will start to read your Facebook Account. It will tell you to wait 30 second.

6. After 30 second you will the main thing.... Now I am Showing my one.

7. Finish

From there you can write comments  You Download FaceBook Photo Album Very Easily.

Now see the Official video of POSTPOST

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